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A Snowy Story - The Great Himalayan Expedition-7

A decision was made...

We had to start our journey soon to make it to the Sourtal lake before any unexpected weather changes. As promised earlier, we would see snow all the way till we descend and yes!! we saw blinding fresh snow which gave me a bad tan.

Due to a lot of sickness, today's breakfast was kichdi and sweet porridge. We gobbled as soon as we could as the whistles were blaring. Chalo Chalo, we will get late.

Layers of clothes were to be worn as we would ascend higher and temperatures would drop. I put on my gloves and started off the ascend with 2 of my mom's friends. A not so steep ascend until we hit the snow and started sliding. Once we were on the snowy patch, we had to be very careful as one wrong move and done for a lifetime. As i hiked closer to the summit, i looked around to be covered in clouds and no further sight. Thankfully I had bharath Sir who accompanied me and we were the last to reach the summit.

The snow was fresh and blinding. We started to feel the chills. just around 15-20 mins at the summit before the weather go bad, we took the KMA banner and clicked a few pictures. The overwhelming achievement of the Sourtal Expedition is finally done!

I felt like i was in a parallel universe breathing ice and surrounded by everything White and every cautious step made me feel like i would get absorbed into a wormhole. I could just not predict which way to. You lose your mind, you lose yourself forever and ever. Quite dangerous. The freshest cool unpolluted air sort of choked the lungs having been used to inhaling the smoke. The air cleansed my soul. No Ganges for me!!

We came down the summit and had an hour to play in the snow. Ponchos were the snow slides as we glided from a height. So much fun in those slides that i ended up being a kid with the others.

The day's trail was to reach the summit and head back to Mahili taach, the camp for the night. a total of 7-8 hour trek for the day was super exhaustive. We reached the campsite only in the evening. A horrible trail of big boulders and valleys seemed draining out. You can very easily fall through the boulders if not taken care properly. Once the boulders were done, next came a rocky patch of land and then some forest area. This campsite was literally located deep inside a village and none had the energy to head back. Breakfast was all we had and the campsite would have lunch.

After hours of walking, we reached the campsite and it started to pour. As the tents were allocated, the little girl in ou tent claimed a rat went in. The rest 3 of us ran to other tents and we played truth or dare till late night. As the moon shone, we got back to the 'rat tent' and none of us slept.

Yet another sleepless night, Thank you akanksha and the stupid rat which had gone out but still made us live in the fear.

I have lost the count of sleepless nights now. One last day before the adventure comes to an end.

Salad filled papad were my variant of desi tacos + chai. Done for the night. No sleep, bring it on, I am game!

the mountains are no more calling and i am done!

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