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GER-MONEY : Why take all my Money?? Nish Goes Videsh III

Previously on Nish Goes Videsh II I mentioned that I was ready with all the required documents to apply for my first ever VISA. Its advised to always have 2-3 sets of documents as a backup when you are applying for VISA. Firstly incase the VISA gets rejected, secondly if you misplace the docs and lastly as a set of reference post applying for one.

The Schengen VISA checklist is very simple and can be easily done by own. Trust me when I say this, you don't need an agent to get your VISA done. The right set of documents arranged in the order they have mentioned + sufficient funds will land you a VISA. The rule mostly followed for a Schengen VISA is that you apply to the Embassy where you spend Max days of your stay . Since mine was Germany, I decided to apply to the German Consulate.

I booked the appointment and reached the consulate before the allotted time. When my token no. flashed on the screen, I promptly went and submitted all my documents and made the payment of 6800 INR. Note that my flight itinerary was a fully booked one and not temporary for the sake of VISA. I had given a detailed itinerary of my adventure in the Travel Cover letter and showed sufficient amount of money in the bank account. I feel sometimes honesty doesn't work. You will know later!

I was super confident that i will get my VISA. This would be the first ever stamp on my passport and I couldn't contain my excitement. It takes 14 days to get the VISA approved and sometimes less than the stipulated time. Post submitting my documents I headed home and left to work.

Around 17:00 PM, i got a message from the VFS global that the documents are sent to the embassy for processing. I had butterflies in my stomach mainly

  1. excitement

  2. nervousness

A lot of them usually take small vacations which have a VISA on arrival before applying for major VISAs to reduce the chances of rejection; but I was a totally different soul who seeked adventure. It somehow happened that everyday while I was at work, I would get a notification about the VISA status. I had chosen the option to get my passport home delivered instead of myself going and collecting it.

It was on 9th July 2018 when I got the final message around 19:30 PM that the passport had been dispatched with my fate concealed. This had to come from Delhi and on the 10th at 15:00 PM, the courier guy was at my doorstep knocking.

Before you get to know if I got my VISA or not, here's the thing about Schengen VISA

  1. If approved - You get your VISA stamped in the passport - HAPPY DAYS!!

  2. If rejected - You get your passport back with a letter in the envelope - TIE TIE FISH

My parents called me as soon as they received the courier and I moved out of my desk to a calmer place - to either shout with joy or cry in despair.

I was on call while they checked the passport for a VISA stamp. My mom searched my entire passport for the Stamp and she found NOTHING!!!!

I started to panic and asked her to check thoroughly, yet no luck. I took a deep breath and asked to check if there was a letter in the envelope.

And YES, there it was. I had got a rejection letter from the German Consulate with a reason stating i didn't have enough funds for my stay throughout, which was BS. I was heartbroken to get my VISA rejected and cried my heart out at work.

First you reject my university applications next you bloody reject my VISA application as well. WHY??? Why Germany you took away all my money???

To Be Continued..

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