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I Want To Visit All the Places but I don't know which all | Nish Goes Videsh II

You already know why i wanted to do this adventure and the drama behind it. Now's the task. I knew i wanted to go to Europe, but where in EU? LOL I didn't know except for Germany. Why Germany? I badly wanted to go abroad to do my masters and Germany was the place. I applied for a series of colleges for 2018 Summer. I never got my admits. The worst rejections of my life ever. Masters in Germany was always my Plan A and Job switch was Plan B. My luck turned out to be so good that Plan A was such a fail and Plan B worked in my favour. There was one uni at Munster which was yet to publish the results. I had made up my mind to quit my job and scoot as soon as i would get the Admit. Destiny had different plans for me. I never heard back.

Here's the motivation : If the goddamn universities can reject me, I will go on a VACATION. Stop me if you can!!!!!!!!

So Germany was a fix on my map. The thing about going to EU is that it's like a lifetime opportunity, you want to visit all the places. But reality check, EU is best covered in belts. I knew i wanted to visit Austria cos someone else had been there and it was an instant crush.

One of my college seniors studied at Glasgow and he did a EU trip while staying there. The day he got to know about my madness, he asked me about my plan. I had nothing but for Germany and Austria. I told him about Austria and he mentioned about this place called Hallstatt. It's his instant crush! A heavenly place to just get lost in the Alps. Its a Swiss of its own kind. Unbeatable destination. I googled about and i decided to include Hallstatt in my plan.

2 done, 2 more to go.

Somehow wanting to see the wild party culture and architecture, I included Czech. lets go wild partying!! 3 done. Prague is on.

I began checking for return flights from Germany and they looked promising to burn a hole in my pocket. That's exactly when the 4th place came into picture. Also that I used to always wonder how beautiful visiting that place would be with the right companion. Yeah, it's none but the City of Love. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I went ALONE to Paris. LOL! France was on my list hence making it look like a circle. I chose multi city flights so my air fare would be reasonable.

My route was


Now comes the toughest part. I knew what countries I wanted to visit, but what cities do i want to go to? I don't know :D

France - Paris (obvious)

Czech - Prague(sorted)

Austria - Hallstatt and Salzburg(it was a perfect pitstop to head back to Germany)

Germany - ???? So many universities rejected me, doesn't mean i would visit all those cities. I had to decide what i wanted to see. I knew one thing for sure, Neuschwanstein Castle topped my priority. I had to go there come what may not cos i believe in fairy tales but the castle looks fantabulous.

Oh wait, Belgium was on my list too, to just eat waffles. Somehow slipped out of the list.

I decided to visit Cologne for (Kolch Beer and fries :P ) nah for the Lindt Museum , Berlin for Hitler, Munich for BMW museum, Frankfurt for my friend, Heidelberg cos it looked appealing, Some areas of black forest and finally Stuttgart to fly back to India.

Looks impossible right? It actually is as it would not let you live and breathe in a place and enjoy the culture. But hey I am going to EU, i want to go everywhere!

I found a backpackers of EU group on FB and posted my itinerary. People went crazy when i mentioned I wanted to do this in 21 days. Reality hit me and i had to cut off cities from my list if I really wanted to "enjoy" my vacation and not run around like a wild goose who's being hunted!

After a lot of research, i finally had these on my list


From 13 cities, i got it down to 8. Not very convincing to you, but it worked for me!! My friend whom i wanted to visit at Frankfurt agreed to joined me on my adventure from Prague to Salzburg! 4 Countries, 8 cities , 21 days - perfect!

The plan was finalised. I booked my tickets with mom who was still not very happy. So i chose to book it on her birthday, she wouldn't say No :D. I booked Air France to and fro at 52,800 INR. I made the pseudo bookings for the sake of visa through Booking.com. All set with my documentation, ready to apply for the VISA in the month of June (3 months advance)!!

What happened next is an unexpected tragedy!! Man proposes, God disposes 'itseems'.

Stay tuned to know the next part of the story..keep wondering what could've happened until I am back with the news which will shock you!

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