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Nish Goes Videsh | When Newton's apple fell on my head!!


All brilliant ideas hit me up while in the bathroom. I am sure it does to most of you as well! Well not This one. The plan to travel abroad all by myself came up on seeing multiple instagram feeds of my friends who did solo trips to Europe. Yes, a lot of them did before i could get into the 'stop me if you can' mode! And obviously the most common thought came up, if they can why can't i?? hence leading to the first ever solo trip of my life and also my first videshi experience.

The first time i just mentioned the word *solo* to my parents, well you can guess what would've happened next! Mom was so against it and i never told dad till the day i was boarding my flight! 2 months of resistance to actually convince her that i will definitely go solo came to an end when i booked my flights. I was not a crazy person to just go solo out of the blue; I did ask a few friends if they wanted to tag along. ok, I am done talking about this topic cos all i got in return were tantrums and excuses. Listen people, I am good oh sorry the best all by myself. Sayonara!

The mere thought of going to Europe excited me and i started to daydream about it. Initially I had no intentions of planning it all by myself. I started searching for best deals to have a gala vacation. First stop : Thomas Cook; Second : kesari travels. They both looked determined to loot me and make me go broke. Cost for a solo traveller was super high when compared to dual occupants. This entire research went on for about a month until one day i decided to be my own planner. I have spent "0" money on visa agents and travel planners. I am my own planner ( too cool! IKR!). I spent my free time at work googling about Europe. All my colleagues knew that i would go to Europe even before i actually confirmed. 'Ye nish Europe jaane wali hain' were the words i used to start my day with. Not to forget, 'bahut paise hain iske paas, isiliye Europe jaa rahi hain.' let me translate : Nish is going to europe and she has too much money to plan a Europe trip. Oh yessssss, i own JP Morgan Chase, the bank is mine!!!!

Even before i decided Europe is my destination, i applied for my mandatory leaves and told my manager that i will be travelling to Europe. The spark which ignited in Feb 2018 never died making me take my first flight abroad, all alone!! It took me 4 complete months to plan every small detail and come up with a map that i would use to make sure I would have the best vacation ever.

I decided that i would travel in August. why?

  1. Birthday - lets make it crazy by getting lost abroad

  2. Summers are just too perfect to travel to Europe

Feb - March - mission convince mom - PASS!! It was time to finally come up with a guilt free plan..I wasn't running away from home undercover. I convinced my mom and surprised my dad to run away from home!!

PS : I am a bad planner in life as i go with the flow, but the best Vacation planner you can ever know. Oh the crazy weird plans for the trip I came up with weren't perfect..want to know what were the maps i came up with??

Stay tuned..

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