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Oh là là We are on top of the World - Nish Goes Videsh IV

Visa rejections can be quite dejecting especially if it's your first trip abroad. The only good thing about my vacation was i had plenty of time to take off and sort out my paperwork.

A week post getting my VISA rejected, i contacted several agents and people on various FB groups regarding the rejection. A few suggested i file a petition against Germany and the rest asked me to re-apply. I considered the latter being safe. There was one agent who mentioned he would make a fake reservation of my flights and ensure i would get my VISA. Oh no way..never get into trouble engaging with such agents!

Now that i had a fair idea on what had to be done, i applied to the embassy where i would first land my foot on - The French! I had heard that French Embassy had lower rejection rate compared to others and also VISA would not take long to arrive.

I re-did my entire paperwork - from obtaining the vacation VISA letter to changing the entire itinerary it looked like a whole new plan (just for the VISA).

I never added any details in the new plan and just mentioned my stay would be split in France and Germany only. Short and pleasing plans seem to work the best and also, i increased my bank balance which was really not required. I scheduled my appointment with VFS Global and took the earliest one available, say 8:45 AM.

It was finally the day for me to go and re-apply VISA. With a laid back attitude, i woke up just in time, brushed, wore my hoodie and scooted with the documents. As soon as I reached VFS Global, i was let inside without any wait time and post submitting the documents, they said they had to capture a photo for the VISA. It was a moment of embarrassment as i was in the most shabby state ever and I definitely didn't want to look like a convict in the VISA! They took my photo followed by the fingerprints and in a matter of 15 mins, we were done Oh La La!

I got back home and left to work. The anticipation was killing me. The routine of tracking my application was never ending.

Meanwhile it was the World Cup season and France had qualified into the Finals! On the day of the Finale, France won with 4-2 against Croatia and a week later I got a call from the embassy asking to pick up my passport. Unable to sleep the entire night, I woke up early the next morning and rushed to see my fate sealed in those 20 pages. I ran to the centre and the official handed me a cover.

The first thing i searched for was a letter - aaaand it wasn't there!! I opened my passport to search for the VISA stamped. It wasn't there on the first page and neither on the last. I flipped the pages continuously with anxiety to finally find it pasted in the centre. I was so ecstatic i jumped on seeing it and the people around wondered what happened. I was finally one step away from living my dream!! I thanked the official atleast 5-6 times for my passport and called my close ones to say I am definitely and finally going to Paris!!!

The French carried their cup home while Nish carried her VISA!!

Its time to start packing with less than 20 days left for the Adventure of a Lifetime...

I couldn't get happier!!

Let's get that suitcase down...

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