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A long break from writing a blog and i know most of you would've forgotten this page exists! Let me refresh your lost memories and tell you where i am today.

If i remember right, ah well I Do cos i am the one who's doing the Delhi darshan for you guys...we finished some major places of Delhi and also left to Agra to say Wah Taj!! i am still trying to get my popped eyes back in their sockets after seeing the Taj Mahal. Lol who knew someone can do so much for people they love when these days Love is NOT all you need!!

Back from Agra, we had one last night left to wrap up and leave to namma bengalooru. I had missed visiting the Red Fort, Jama Masjid and ugh yeah..the over-rated Akshardham where "PHOTOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED". Oh man, c'mon! Who even builds such beautiful structures with such detailed designs and not allow the public to take pictures of it as a memory of the place? Ridiculous!!

we had breakfast at a nearby place and took off to explore Delhi by Metro. The metro is the best way to commute and it can never misguide you. Very well done Delhi! i was super impressed with the metro covering quite a few distant places! we hopped onto the metro and reached Akshardham in 30 mins. Least did we know that we were not allowed to carry phones inside. Trust me, it was a major waste of time apart from staring at the entire design of the place. If you have a lot of time to waste, Go to sarojini nagar or CP but not Akshardham. The security checks killed an hour and when we finally went inside, the main statue was covered in the name of renovation. I couldn't stop cursing for investing all my time in this place and getting nothing out of it. we just had lunch inside the Akshardham ASAP and yeah, the food too was over-priced! Over hyped place and over hyped food..sums it up!!

From Akshardham we went to the Red fort by Uber. Uber works well in the city and you wont have drivers cancelling out! We reached Red fort and bought tickets to the museum inside where one can see the arms and ammunition used during the early wars by Indian soldiers. 

Note: a lot of walking to be done inside the red fort too! You will again while away a lot of time here. My mom got bored and sat in the park while i went to see the emperor's throne! The throne looked Fab and is kept in a glass box. The in/around of Red fort is very beautiful and extremely informative giving away the historical facts.

The red fort and Jama masjid are almost opposite to each other and i was extremely keen on visiting the Masjid. It boasts of a huge hall for prayers where 1000s of people come in for Namaz during the Ramadan. My mother was not interested to explore Jama Masjid and she sat on the steps outside.

I took my dad and asked a few people the route to the Jama Masjid. We had to go inside small streets which were not so clean to reach this place. On reaching the place, it was not like what i imagined it out to be. A very dull looking place with not a lot of people around. I was surprised again! I didn't want to waste a lot time and just took a few pictures and left back to the apartment.

We had an extremely tiring day with no proper food as we were constantly exploring places. We missed seeing the actual streets of Chandni Chowk and relishing on the chaats they make. Major miss i tell you. Everyone became fussy towards the end of the day and were just waiting to get back and sleep. 

We reached the apartment by metro and a whole 20 mins of walk after getting down at Rajiv Chowk. The circles in the streets are quite confusing!!

Bhalla Papdi chaat..one of its kind!

It was almost dinner time and if you remember about the Mysore Cafe in my first post, well yeah my dad went there to eat and we ordered Pizza from Dominos. What a way to end the Delhi trip!! Post eating Pizzas (such a shame..lol pizzas in delhi..that too dominos..not even kidding) we went to Bikanerwala, a famous Restaurant to gorge on chats and ate to our heart's content with my apartment host.

We came back after a peaceful chaat time and started packing our bags. 

After a night and a few hours...


Namma Bengalooru!!

And the Delhi darshan comes to an end!!!!

PS: In the next post you will have a list of things to visit, places to eat and things to not do! This will help you plan your vacation in ease and enjoy the most of it!! 

Keep watching this space for the next post!

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