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The Chandigarh to Manali Adventure

Like i said in my previous post, we landed at Chandigarh and decided to drive to Manali as it was better than an overnight bus journey. Famished and tired, we reached Chandigarh by noon and it was scorching hot. We had pre-booked a taxi to Manali and this saved us some waiting time. the taxi arrived when we landed and the Zomato search in me started to kick in. Chandigarh is known for some amazing chole-parathas and i couldn't wait to eat them all! You do get some amazing desserts and Pani puri but we didn't have time to explore :(

We went to a nearby 'vegetarian' dhaba and had this!! Dal makhani and Chole meal!!

Post filling our stomach halfheartedly, with space for dessert and lack of time, we started our adventurous journey to reach Manali. Beautiful landscapes and thrilling curves and bends sums up the entire drive. It was around 5 PM that we stopped by a Thela to sip on chai and enjoy the sunset by the Beas river which traveled with us and kept us good company till we reached Manali. Though the road seemed deserted for finding food, you will find plenty of small shops for chai and biscuits. One should definitely halt and dive into the piping hot Adrak Chai aka Ginger tea.

I have a disorder which many of you out there too would have..its called the Sleep while in motion. So i just cannot control sleeping while i am travelling in any modes of transport! Half the journey I slept while the rest half was all about being woken up by mom asking to look around and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Not all journeys go as per the plan right, there has to be something to halt the excitement and make us feel ugh..damn it!! Our vehicle broke down around 7 PM in the night in the middle no where!! Despite being warned about the cold weather, i refused to layer up and I check my phone to see the temperature and it was 7 Degrees.the sleepyhead got out of the car to explore the road in darkness. How stupid right, but hey Guess what i found?? "You're a sky, full of stars"!!!!! I had never seen such clear star studded skies with shooting stars once in a while! *_* I was amazed and Star struck..Haha!!

In a while, Brrr... the cold started to hit me but i had no spare clothing to keep myself warm!!

Cold+Vehicle breakdown+Deserted+No dinner..oh what an amazing combination!! See, these are the things which you always remember about a trip and not the Oh Wow, so amazing things!

It took us almost 2 hours to get a replacement and we walked a few kms in the dark to bump into a so called lodge. The day just started and ended with Hungry souls searching for places to eat. We went into the lodge and asked for some food and yet again, the bad luck kicked in. Sorry Sir, Khaana Khatam hua hain( the food is over)!! But hey wait, we are ready to make you some hot roti, sabji and jeera rice!! We were elated and asked them to make the food ASAP and gobbled it down!! One thing i noticed about the people we met throughout the journey is that they are super helpful and friendly!!

We finished eating and during that period, a new car to pick us up came in too. I got in quick and went back to hibernation mode till we reached our base, The Royal Park resorts, Manali.

Touchdown Manali...

End of Day1

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