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The Great Himalayan Expedition-3

7:30 AM...we were all ready to finally start off on our main trail to the Sourtal expedition. Also the last day to stay clean by having a shower...the next 5 days would be just wet tissues to wipe the face. The rucksacks were packed and loaded on the mules. The journey to scale the mighty himalayas had finally begun.

Trek Day 1: Base Camp, Prini – Klount (2230m) 4hrs

the trek started from the campsite i.e., Prini, down to Bhanu Bridge, and over the Beas River to the other side of the valley. The trek leads were Sanjay sir, Rajath, yuvraj & Ravi who pushed us till we made it to the next base camp. There were leads from the organisation too who accompanied us and looked after the safety and amenities. We had to pass Shuru village and scale upwards towards Klount.

Our tribe was composed of people from various age groups, teenagers to a lady who was 65 years old. The youngest was an 8 year old who had already completed 4 treks in the himalayas. So from novice to experts, we had them all!

I was super excited about the journey until i saw boulders and huge tall trees with zig zag paths. We had to literally go on fours till this trail was complete. An extremely exhaustive and a scary trail which was quite steep too. The people who were motion sick were taken care by the leads and were made to hike really quick. We took multiple breaks to catch our breath and used the time to capture pictures!!

The trek started with a gradual climb up to Gadherini village and after that the steep section started along the cedar trees right up to Klount. The trek encompasses a 1hour steep ascent initially and then in a zigzag way till the Klount through dense forest of Blue Pine, Cedar, Oak, Silver Fir. I stuck on to my mom's friend throughout the journey and took a lot of breaks and pictures!! All i remember throughout the trail was asking Yuvraj " Aur kitni door hain" to which the response was bas 1 ghanta aur...it was already 2 hours that we had started!!

Trekking is not easy i tell you..even with peak fitness levels, there will be one point to break us down!

Finally somewhere at a very far off place, i could spot the mules..Hurray!!! the campsite was nearing...oh but so close yet so far!! The mountains are deceiving like i said earlier!

The Klount is situated in the middle of the mountain hill of dense forest and located amidst Apple orchards.

The elderly people reached the campsite first and sometime later i reached too with a huge grin!!

Lunch was ready by the time we reached...hot hot rotis, aloo gobi and some dal!! Staple food for the rest of the days! As soon as we reached, we dumped our bags in the allocated tent and basked in the warm sun with hot rotis and splendid views.

I just cant express how much i loved the scenic beauty.

We are not allowed to sleep while camping except for the nights. Evenings were usually booked for adventure activities, but I was least interested to move out of my tent and have fun. I had started to skip snacks and my appetite was going really low. I gave up on food completely.

Looks like the food from the previous campsite was not well cooked due to which one of my uncle had a bad stomach. Stomach upsets can be such bad experiences so good enough to demotivate you to not proceed to the next campsite. My uncle was super convinced that he wouldnt make it to the next campsite. A lot of them started to fall sick due to food. Luckily we had doctors who were a part of the tribe and treated them asap to avoid dehydration.

my mom and her friends had to convince my uncle to tag along till the end of the trek. It was one heck of a thing and finally he was ready and better the next morning.

It was about time for sunset and the mountains shone golden yellow with the sun rays falling on them. Such beautiful orange skies with gleaming mountains surrounded by tall fir and spruce trees...this campsite was amazing!!

A much needed break in the nature to clear my mind, this was a perfect trip!

1 plate of kichdi, 3 people sharing from the same plate, my turn to wash the plate, 5 degree Celsius, a lit bonfire, hands around the fire to stay warm, the moon shone above my head as i sat there wondering how beautiful the nature was.

While the others played cards inside their tents which the head torch on, I sat inside mine sharing conversations looking at the city lights which looked like a constellation from the far!

Sleepless nights started to creep in...

End of Day 5. Destination Klount


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