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The Great Himalayan Expedition-4

Most of you would've forgotten about the Himalayan trek and yes, i whole heartedly take the blame for not having continued the blog.

Lets get this done and move on to my Videshi / Pardeshi adventures ASAP. Just like you, even i am waiting to finish this and dig my photo collection to write about it all. Okay, i shall do it soon and not while away time anymore. So where were we...Klount it was...

Trek Day 2: Klount – Dudhu Dogh (2750m) 4 hrs

An entire sleepless night trying to adjust myself to the tent and sleeping bag, I woke up as a Zombie the next day. Thanks to no shower that i could save the extra time to sleep! Early morning sleep is the best ever and by the time i could actually try dozing, the whistle would blow off.

Same old routine, brush in the cold, exercise to warm up, find a new partner to share the food and wash the plate, pack the backpack and start off again. I was in for an appetite loss. I skipped breakfast or the max had 2-3 spoons of food. I was living a Yogi life by living on air and water..lol.

Chalo chalo chalo.....that's the last sentence i heard before taking off to the next base camp.

Today was a completely different day altogether. I would like to call it, trekking in sleep :D

Hey it wasn't just me, there were 8 more other people who were zombified without sleep. The trail included crossing waterfalls and steep lands. I started to sleep walk literally and when the time came to take some rest, i used to fall asleep. My friends and I did call it out to the guide and they put us to the beginning of the group and pushed us to walk faster. How horrible!! All i did throughout the trek was complain about my sleep. Sounded like a drunk person void of sleep!

The trek was very pleasant but tiring up to Gujjars shed. The trail proceeds in a zigzag path through dense forest of Pines and Silver Fir. Once the zigzag trail ends, it is a steep ascent amidst Silver Fir trees. From Dudhu Dogh one can see the Hamta valley, Deo Tibba, Shirgan Tungu and its surrounding mountain pastures. Beautiful greenery and mesmerizing views will help to get the energy meter back on track increasing the need to reach the base camp soon.

The elders of the group kept the others entertained with stories from other treks while i was walking at my pace like i didn't even belong there. No sleep makes me sleazy and lose interest in everything.

I could finally hear Rajat and Ravi scream "Chalo chalo sirf ek aur ghanta baaki hain". This was a prank. 1 hour in the mountains is never an hour,, its some endless hour and one wouldn't even be aware of the distance covered. I walked and walked cursing every step i took and only asked where the next base camp was.

After....i don't know how many hours, i finally saw a lush green pasture of land with the mules. Now i could believe the camp was close by and hurried up to reach the place and land myself into the allocated tent.

The weather was very pleasant and i decided to lay down and stay in silence, away from the rest. Lunch was ready by the time we reached. I picked up some hot hot rotis and the no more a favorite Aloo, wrapped up into a roll and gobbled it down.

I decided to skip the activity for the day and gave my sleepless night as an excuse to stay cozy inside the tent and look at the mountains. Call me lazy, but it really didn't matter at that point as i was exhausted but still made it to the next camp. A few of the other who fell sick in the previous camp were made to go back to the Base camp at Prini. I can get lazy, but i didn't come on this trek to just get back to the base camp!!

I waited for everyone to finish their activities and get back to tent. While I learnt to play a new game called "killer" and called it a night by just drinking some soup and skipping dinner by pretending to be asleep...i finally fell asleep by 7:30.

No shower - Day2 , i can feel my legs no more, guess i need to give up on eating all meals and head back to the base camp, ugh, please let me sleep, everything clouded up while i was just hoping for the mountains to bless me with some sleep...

End of Day 6. Destination Dudhu Doug


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