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The Mountains are calling and I must Go!!

The idea of going to the Himalayas for a vacation was always there on my mind; but doing so through a Trek..No way!! way long back when i had the opportunity to do the Everest base camp, my parents were unsure and took a back step to send me. 

Trekking always meant climbing some boulders and rough patches of land for a couple of hours and then getting back for me. Least did i ever know that it would be a Fitness test to accomplish. The endurance and stamina are at high stakes and just jogging/ walking in the park would not help in prepping up for a trek. I did my first ever trek to the Bisle Ghat organised by the Karnataka Mountaineering Association (KMA) and had decided that i would never ever go on any trek in the future. I almost died trust me!! Burnt and exhausted are not enough to explain the feeling i had post completing it. Extra brownie points for getting lost in the forest with no signal coverage while returning to the base in the evening!

I had decided that these strenuous treks are not for me and i would definitely hate them forever. Not long before i changed my mind and decided to do my first ever Himalayan expedition on 14.05.2017.

This was organised by KMA again and the trek was called Sourtal expedition. Oh not to forget, the idea of this trek came into picture cos of my Mum's schoolmates who were super enthusiastic to go and i don't know how, convinced my mom into doing the same! Ah well, once she made up her mind, you know the next part, "why don't you join us too?" !! Zero prepping for the trek but ecstatic to see the Himalayas, i made up mind to do this and planned for the rest days to do some local sightseeing at Manali. 

Me having the basic idea of a trek, didn't give away the details of it to my mum as she would have lost her mind and backed out. I wanted her to experience how amazingly harsh nature could get with lots of surprise elements. Not fair on me, yes I know! Hey but she was the one who was keen on doing this and asked me to tag along! When she had decided to do the trek post recovering from her knee fracture, it would be stupid if i hadn't agreed.

So,we finally paid the fees to KMA and signed the agreement to scale the great Himalayan mountains,booked our flights to Chandigarh and took a cab from there to Manali as it took less travel time when compared to the buses which run overnight.

We packed our rucksacks and backpacks and as light as possible and finally, 14th May we took off to explore the majestic Mountains!!

With one of mom's schoolmate who also was my best companion thru the trek

Keep reading and stay tuned for the next chapter!

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