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When the entire family agrees on a trip!

How hard is it to convince the entire family to go on a vacation to a place which you've always wanted to visit? Not easy definitely! Might sound selfish too! But yeah certain times you got to be a good negotiator to get a few things to favor you and that's what i did too.

I took a break before switching to my new role at a new organisation. Not wanting to waste it by lazing at home, I decided to go on a  vacation to the most beautiful place which cleared my mind and got some peace into me; Amritsar! I dont know why i always wanted to visit the Golden Temple, but i just wanted to! Things fell into place and finally we took off to Amritsar and also added Delhi to the itinerary. A 7 Day trip to both the places which made me fall in love with the architecture India boasts of!

We booked a multi city flight and our plan was to do Bangalore-Amritsar-Delhi-Agra-Delhi-Bangalore. Flights were easily available for a return at 11.2K per person. Oh we got Vistara airlines while getting back from Delhi and it was a beautiful experience. You must try flying in Vistara if you haven't. Their hospitality is on point for a domestic airline! We booked a BnB for our stay in Amristar and the city is 14.3kms from the airport which has to be reached through taxis. Exhibit your bargaining skills and get a good deal for the taxis else they're bound to over charge you.

The BnB was in a small gully and we had to take a cycle ride to reach it from Jallianwallah Bagh. trust me it was such a beautiful experience and also you get to see the hardworking Sikhs around you. Pleasant vibes, welcoming people is what you are welcomed with as soon as you enter the city of Amritsar!

Having gone to the north in winters, the temperatures had dropped to 10 Degrees during day and close to 3 degrees during the nights. Brrr it was freezing cold during the night and we would experience the worst coldness as soon as we entered the BnB. We used to be all ok while roaming the streets and as soon as it was time to head back to the room..Brrr!

Tip to book rooms: Get in contact with the gururdwaras and book a room in the gurudwara. It is very affordable and extremely clean and guess what, you get huge rooms too!

Here's what we did on Day 1:

1. Ate a lot of street food in the evening after visiting the jallianwallah bagh which gives you goosebumps while strolling around and realising how many innocent souls lost their lives.

2. Roam in the streets of the Golden temple which serves garma garam samosas, jalebis and my favorite Aloo tikkis! such delicious mouth watering food..you should never miss! they serve aloo tikkis with spicy chutneys and also shredded radish..this was something  new to me!

3. Visit the Golden temple by night around 10 PM where the phalkes of the Guru Granthi Sahib are taken around the temple and have the Langar at the temple!! Any of you visiting the Golden Temple should never miss the Langar served there! the equality among the human race can be seen here where all of them are to be seated on the floor and eat the Langar food irrespective of the status and caste.

4. Drink the hot hot kesar doodh which will be prepared on the streets freshly. Oh man, so creamy and dense it tastes and to make it even more rich, they top it with malai! So heavenly at 4 degrees in the night!

Finally back to the BnB to keep shivering all night and lose our sleep LOL!

Day 2:

1. I had read about a few restaurants which shouldn't be missed while at Amritsar. Brothers da Dhaba, Kesar Da Dhaba are two of them. Since Kesar Da Dhaba was closed during the morning we visited Bobby Da dhaba and ordered the famous Amritsari Kulchas with Chole! Droolworthy!!

2. We visited the Golden temple again in the morning and it was a completely different scene when compared to the nights. The temple is so vast and has 4 different identical entrances that you might get lost if you don't remember where you entered from!

3. You will never have a problem for Vegetarian food while in the city of Amritsar and especially close to the Golden Temple.The streets are filled with eateries and places to shop to your heart's content!

4. We visited the Attari Border by noon till evening and the drive to it is so serene filled with paddy fields and Sarson Plants (mustard plants flowering yellow!) reminding me of Namastey London!

Tip: you will find a lot of people screaming around to attract you to book their taxi for the Attari Border. Be smart and bargain again for a lesser price..we booked the taxi for 400 per person and also visited the Durgiana Temple which has a layout similar to the Harmandir Saheb aka Golden temple

2 days in Amristar were actually not sufficient for us to explore the city's culture despite our flight getting delayed for 4 hours due to fog!

Things to Do: Shop till you drop for phulkari work suits and the world famous Patiala Pants which can be bought for 200 rs flat!
Gorge on lot of aloo tikkis and the butter loaded Kulchas and Chole and also the chur chur naan!
Dont miss the Langar (all times), Sweets and also the Kesar doodh during winters!
Also have the sooji puris Golguppe on the way back from Durgiana Temple! you wont regret it!
Must Visit: Harmandir Saheb, Durgiana Temple, Attari Border, Kapda Bazaar and the streets of Golden temple

Money spent: around 5000 for 2 days inclusive of food and shopping!


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