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Yeh Dilli hain meri Jaan...bas khana, khana aur khoob saara khana!!

This is a long gap from the first post to the next..ah well i was caught up with a few things and couldn't publish it.

So well, the solo traveller next went to the beautiful historical capital of India to explore the gully food and not get Delhi belly!! Yes, i went to Delhi after the holy visit to The golden temple and having the amazing kulchas, chole and ofcourse the aloo tikkis!!

Taking a flight from Amritsar to Delhi is the best option instead of travelling by road since it saves you a lot of time and is also much quicker! Don't fret, the tickets aren't sky high...extremely affordable and book them in advance!

Our flight was delayed due to less visibility and unable to bear my hunger pangs, i ended up eating a sandwich from the CCD counter at Amritsar airport. I have no clue how old it was...and there you go...the iconic Delhi trip starts with DELHI BELLY!!!!

We had initially booked the accommodation in Karnataka Bhavan which gave us a little trouble and later moved to stay at an MP's flat which cut down the price of my accommodation by 90%.

Amount paid for 4N in Delhi: 2500 Rs. Hahahaha, yeah that's dirt cheap! Go get some influence and stay at their flat...LOL!! The accommodation came with its own set of cons...mainly NO STREET FOOD anywhere around in the area of 'South Avenue'!! So....Never stay in this area until you are a peace lover and not fond of Street food! By 7 PM, there is nobody on the streets and you will feel alienated in this area..but wait....Its so close to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and you can just go for a quiet jog all around as nobody will disturb you!!

After checking into the flat at South Avenue, we hardly had any time left to do major things on Day 1. We looked around for a taxi and just explored the places around South Avenue; mainly the Lodhi Gardens cos i was amused with Delhi's version of LalBagh, India Gate which was getting all ready for the upcoming Republic Day and hit the shopping streets of Delhi...yeah its Sarojini Market where sab kuch sasta milega!

Note: Taxis in Delhi have this weird role where in you have to pay X amount of rupees for some off kilometers. And trust me this is not what we expected out of it cos it ISN'T reasonable at all!!! Do not hire a taxi to roam around Delhi!!!!

Day 2: After partially satisfying the Shopaholic in me the previous night, we caught an Auto and reached our flat. On the way back i spoke to the auto driver if he could take us around Delhi..and yes!! he agreed to it and I settled it for 1000/- the entire day of Delhi roaming!! I told him what all we wanted to see and he suggested a few more places and happily took us around in the Auto the entire day and we visited the Qutub Minar post breakfast at a south Indian restaurant Mathew's Cafe at RK Puram. Their pongal was delicious and so were the vadas! You must be thinking why south indian food at Delhi....ah well my Dad prefers it and we had to blindly go with it.

After exploring the ruins of Qutub Minar, we went and saw the inspiration of  Opera house..lol The Lotus Temple!! I never knew it was a meditation centre!! If you are not keen on meditation, do NOT waste time by going inside...you will definitely get bored!! See it from outside and take a lot of pictures to post and show your friends and LEAVE!!!!

Since the rickshaw driver got to know we are from South India, we suggested we eat at Saravana Bhavan in CP. The foodie in me took over and i asked him for better places to eat Delhi food. While roaming CP, we stumbled across Jain ChawalWala; an epic place to satisfy you taste buds!! Eat their Bread pakoras and Chole Chawal and Rajma Chawal! You will regret not eating here and missing out on this place while in CP! Wondering what my dad ate? Chole Bhature!!

After the yum lunch, we visited the Gurudwara, Bangla Sahib who's water is known to have healing properties and is taken back home by Sikhs throughout the world. Do not miss the kaada prasad st the gurudwara and on your way back from here, do stop at Bangla Sweet house to shop for namkeen and sweets for your closed ones! It was already late evening and we ended our day trip by visiting Jantar Mantar. An interesting place for astro physics enthusiasts and i didn't understand anything despite the guide explaining it for us!!

End of Day 2 as something exciting was planned for Day 3.

Places visited: Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Jantar mantar, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and Karol bagh for shopping (it is the commercial street of New Delhi!)

Places to eat: Mathew's Cafe ( if there is a south Indian food addict), Jain ChawalWala at CP.
My dad has found himself this place called Mysore cafe, a few roads behind where we stayed. DO NOT go there again until and unless you are a sucker for south Indian food and not wish to try local cuisines.

Pro Tip: Hire an auto, use your hindi to negotiate and roam New delhi!! My auto driver was extremely helpful and a kindhearted person...mine better than yours? Haha!!

Stay tuned for Day 3 and Day 4 in the next post...until then enjoy the Delhi Darshan mitron!!

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